| leaving ... jetplane ... monkey ... | (Thursday March 14th, 2002 | 23:58) |
Hey kids.

      This is probably going to be the last update for awhile. I leave tomorrow at noon. I'm staying awake in a very misguided attempt to adjust my sleep schedule 19 hours ahead. I'm also laughing uproariously at how little I'm bringing with me ... no seriously folks, it's hilarious. It would all fit in my smallish backpack except for the extra shoes (yeah, the boots lost in the end). Well, extra room for all the stuff I intend to come back with is always good.

      If anyone want to talk at me while I'm gone, feel free to send mail to ... there's a good chance I'll be able to check it and heck, I may even be able to respond ;)

      Well I'm gonna go do the last of the laundry, and drink some more caffeine, and continue driving myself crazy ^_^

| Kaze to Ki no Uta | (Monday March 11th, 2002 | 15:38) |
I did not accomplish any of the packing that I wanted to this weekend ... instead I went to HPI and watched lots of anime of somewhat questionable worth.

      Kite was weird. Not at all what I expected it to be, and the art style messed with my brain, but it had some neat fight scenes. Jin Roh was very, very good, and probably the only worthwhile thing we watched all day. It's set in post WWII Japan and has this dark/bleak, but not stupid, atmosphere to it ... most excellent. Then there was a brief lapse, people went to bed, woke up, made breakfast, and decided that more bad anime was in order ... we were still waffling over the whole thing when Dave showed up, and Chuck announced that it was a sign from god to put in Fake.

      Now I love to make fun of Dave's 'issues' as much as the next person, but watching yaoi-ish anime in the middle of a Sunday afternoon still seems like sacrilege to me. It wasn't too bad though. Dave mostly hid behind his computer playing AvP2 and the rest of us laughed at the super-deformed scenes.

      All in all it was a fun weekend, but I really should have spent it packing, or at least doing laundry. Ah, well ... three days is enough time to get everything together, right?

| " ... who did not so much fall from grace, as saunter vaguely downwards." | (Monday March 04th, 2002 | 12:24) |
Well It's been awhile ... since I've written anything here, that is. Ah well.

      The most prominent thing in my mind to write about right now is the fact that my shoulders hurt like never before. I'm choosing to blame Mr. Charles Kobbe and his damn ninjato. Perhaps he can cut full 2 liters without any ill effects, but I'm apparently just not that cool.

      Hmmm ... my super-cheap Chinese DVD player finally came. It's happy, and shinny, and plays mp3 CDs, and will let me put a special little burned CD into it to give me access to the "you should not be here" menu. It will be regionfree-licious.

      The internet is also continuing to fuel my obscure black t-shirt collection. I have two new ones. They're terrible, but no one will understand them. That makes it okay? right?

      My trip looms ever closer. <loomity, loom, loom> I think my biggest problem so far has been deciding whether or not I should take my boots. Ah, I need to seriously re-evaluate my packing priorities.

      Does this seem like short attention span theater to anyone else? ... yeah, I thought so.

      I've been playing with my burner more, and using it largely to corrupt my little brother. Sherlock has now grown quite fond of my bad Japanese techno since I told him it was the same guy who wrote 'Forces' for berserk ... he's got a whole CD full of it. I'm so bad ... letting a 13 year old watch berserk, and then cajoling him into liking the music. Tsk, tsk.

      Not much else. Reading more Blade of the Immortal, falling into fits of jealousy over how god damn good the art is. Saw Doughty, was very pleased with the concert, still looking for that damn 'sunken eyed girl' song online ... grrr. They have every other weird new song, even Fire Truck, but no ... not the one I liked of course.