| The Impossible Dream | (Tuesday February 19th, 2002 | 11:25) |
      I don't even remember who started it any more but once again it was deemed necessary to watch all of Berserk in one sitting while attempting to play the drinking game all the way through. My eyes still hurt a little ...

      So anyways, Chuck, Al, Clint, Dave and I sat down at about 11:00pm on Saturday to start this whole debacle. We plodded through episodes, argued over drink-worthy scenes (no Al, you don't drink when anyone gets hit with a crossbow, just when Gatts does ... ), and generally had a very good time. Al made 'Halle Berry Juice' jokes every time Caska was on the screen, and has now put up a page that lists all the actors we came up with during the night ... that boy has far too much time on his hands. We finished somewhere around 10:30am on Sunday, Clint making the obligatory "That's the ending?" comment. All in all a well spent 10 hours.

      Ah, I discovered the best place ever to find all the 'random crap' music I've been looking for ... Audio Galaxy. It's a little weird, but it found me Curio and Siam Shade so I love it forever =)

| "There's always room for one more ... " | (Monday February 11th, 2002 | 12:57) |
      Amuse Me is now moved over and seems to be functioning nicely. It's a very cute, very funny little anime-esque comic and if you feel so inclined, you should stop over and look at it.

      The never ending battle with my video card continues. I received instruction from a living breathing human this time, so I'll work up the energy and see if they help more than the auto-respond instructions :/

      I think I shall once again make the trek over to DreamHaven. I need the next Blade of the Immortal book, and more Sandman never hurt anyone. It of course has nothing to do with the fact that I found a Big Mike's less than two blocks away ;)

      Heh ... I managed to turn more people to the darkside, and piss off Laura at the same time this weekend ... quite the accomplishment. I lent Chook 1-10 of the Berserk Manga and the HK DVDs, much to Laura's chagrin. So he should be good and distracted for awhile. I also got one of my brother's friends interested in Zetsuai ... excelent >:)

| "U don't dans 2 tekno anymore" | (Tuesday February 04th, 2002 | 10:59) |
      The weather is my friend. I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to go outside with wet hair in the morning and have it freeze solid. Then I can snap it, or make it stick up in funny directions. Really, it's very amusing. The crunchy snow is all good too.

      My video card is not my friend however. It taunts me and refuses to let me install it no matter what I do. I got the better drivers, I changed every applicable BIOS setting, I followed every set of poorly worded instructions, I even whined at ATI about it ... but alas, it still does not work. I think I'll whine louder this time and tell them that I can only change the damn BIOS setting so many times before I'm really, really, super sure that's not the problem. Grumble ...

      I'm contemplating making the trip over to DreamHaven today. I need to get the next Clover book, and I've been meaning to get Blade of the Immortal for a long time now. It'll be fine right? Buy some books, talk to Laura, maybe go visit Gut. The rational part of my brain knows better though. I'll buy something expensive, or just lots of inexpensive things, or both. Perhaps I can just tell Laura to not sell me anything that seems ridiculous ... she might even do it =)