| "Imperious Caesar, dead and turn'd to clay, Might stop a hole to keep the wind away ... " | (Monday April 22nd, 2002 | 12:22) |
I am my own hero people.

      This morning I officially went from a nice peaceful dream about pulling arrows out of my back ... to out the door, bag, coat, and all in just under three minutes. I did not miss my bus and the only thing I forgot was tying my shoes.

      And what does this get me you ask? It brings me that much closer to my goal of eliminating mornings all together. I mean really ... who needs to spend hours eating breakfast, finding clothes, and getting all there stuff together? If I can wake up from a dead sleep and run out the door, it allows me to go to bed that much later. Leaving at least another hour or two to play more Vagrant Story ;)

      Ah, yes ... and then there's the snow. I may have to forgive the weather after all since it now gives me an excuse to wear my pea-coat that I love so much =)

      And my bank too ... forgive them that is. Since my mother opened an account they gave me a free companion ticket thing <grin> So now I just have to find someone that wants to go to San Fran in October for super cheap. Sherlock keeps begging me to let him have the ticket but I can't imagine him coming along ending in any sort of happy way. Perhaps Laura or Gut or Dave or someone will want to go ... or perhaps not. As cool as getting plane tickets thrown at me is, I can't help but think that I'll have a difficult time finding someone that actually wants it.

| "The calm cool face of the river asked me for a kiss." -Suicide's Note:Langston Hughes | (Thursday April 18th, 2002 | 13:17) |
The temperature seems to be back to some semblance of tolerable. Ugh, 92° in April ... what did I ever do to deserve that?

      I get store credit at DreamHaven though, and that makes up for all kinds of bad weather. Yeee =D, it's almost the concept of having such a thing (and less the free books) that makes me so damn happy. Pirating software, and helping Laura is all good.

      Lots of little things going on ... Watched the rest of Donnie Darko (or Johnny Darkness, if you like to be a brat) and was very pleased. It's madness, but very well done madness, and it has the obligatory giant-alien-bunny-guy named Frank. Finally got some Hellsing from Dave and need to get around to watching it.

      Found more addictive, weirdo, Japanese, techno-pop music on the internet. Mostly the Gravitation soundtrack, but a few mp3s from the Bronze OAV. The Gravitation stuff is happy-fluff music, but the Bronze songs make me really hope that they ran the singer's voice through some kind of distortion and he doesn't actually sound like a crack-fiend with a cold.

P.S. - Heh heh ... 'crack-fiend' was in the spellcheck, that amuses me to no end =)

P.P.S. - Apparently 'spellcheck' was not though ...

| "I would court you with more grace ... if I knew how." | (Tuesday April 9th, 2002 | 12:27) |
Hmmm ... my sleep schedule still seems to be screwed in subtle and irritating ways.

      So, after making a complete fool of myself on Saturday night, I managed to sleep in until 4pm on Sunday ... Which led to staying up way too late Sunday night/morning, reading through cute webcomics and necessarily evil forums ... Causing me to sleep through my alarm and on into 8pm Monday (missing work in the process). I didn't learn my lesson today either since I'm typing this on precisely 0 hours of sleep. The laundry was beginning to take over my room, so I spent all of last night doing that and playing Vagrant Story in between loads.

      Ah well, at least I have going to Dream Haven to look forward to today ... It might even be enough to keep me awake the rest of the day =D

      In other news I have started down the long dark road of buying all of Kenshin on DVD. As Chuck so eloquently put it "Bwaha sucker, See you a thousand dollars later!". I've also been ordering some more obscure-ish and/or random stuff from the Hong Kong hack place ever since I discovered that they had all the bad kung fu in the world and obscure anime. We'll see if my good luck with their translations holds out.

      Errrg, so ... tired. Why can't I just learn how to sleep like a normal person? ... probably because I'd end up like Dave and leave any social gathering by 10pm.

      Grumble ...

| "Into the grey ... stone and lonesome I call home. Into the grey, grey ghost that I call home." | (Thursday March 04th, 2002 | 14:03) |
I have returned ...

      Well, I actually got in on Saturday but a combination of jetlag and loosing my soul in the internet for three days has postponed this update.

      So yeah, I failed ... but I had a lot of fun failing. I spent most of my time (or at lest the important chunk) in Kyoto, which is possibly the most beautiful city I've ever been in. I'll do my best to scan in the pictures from there in a timely fashion. If nothing else I'll put up the ones of Fishimi Inari and the Iwatayama Monkey Park ... Yes, Kyoto has a monkey park, and it was glorious =)

      The non-Kyoto parts of the trip were good too, but far to numerous and scattered to record right now. I'll probably scan picture of that in too ... in a slightly less timely fashion. In case you hadn't noticed, I now have a scanner. Which means I can subject you to all of my poorly planned art. Be afraid ... be very afraid ;)

      Anywho, it looks like I'm definitely going to be in San Francisco sometime around mid October. I am officially blaming it on the girl from Portland (Mika) that I met in the Tokyo Youth Hostel my first night in Japan. She's putting together a panel or two for the con & getting a room to share, and invited me to join them.

      I could still convince myself it was a 'Horribly Stupid Idea' when I didn't know anybody, and had nothing specific to do ... but panels and a room to split only makes it 'misguided' and 'financially unwise'. So yeah ... look at my will crumble. I need to talk to Yishan and Kris though to see if I can weasel in a few extra days to see them. That would be most excellent.