| "Make Me Laugh!!" | (Thursday September 27th, 2001 | 14:48) |
Slept for a day and and I'm still somehow tired.

        On Tuesday I wandered over to movie night and got Joe to convince Chuck to show up. Mr. Misty arrived and climbed up the balcony like a good little monkey, and then made a quick $10 off of Joe for proving his lack of modesty ... and he is now my hero for it.

        We waited awhile for Chucko to show up and then managed to sit down and attempt to watch the movie. It didn't last very long. We got through about 80% of the Segarra I brought and about 20% of the movie (most of it being the 'Make 'em Laugh' scene played over and over again). Ah, well. It was worth Mr. Misty yelling "Make me laugh!!" at the screen and kind of swaying back and forth.

        I traded Chuck Berserk & American Gods for his last two books of Preacher, which is all good. Chucko was nice enough to bring me home and I wandered upstairs to read Preacher. I got through the first book and proceeded to not be conscious anymore.

        At some point after that my alarm beeped at me, I smacked the hell out of it, my brother told me I was going to be late, I realized that I couldn't make my vocal cords work to answer him so I just threw stuff at the door, I fell back asleep for two hours, I managed to call my work, I fell back asleep for 6 more hours, I ate food, and then slept until this morning.

        I feel less awful today but my throat still hurts, and I still fell pretty tired. It's all very strange. I don't think I like losing a day. And I especially don't like doing it while reading the last bit of Preacher and having that make it very bad-like-surreal ... meph.

| We Apologise For The Inconvenience | (Monday September 17th, 2001 | 16:15) |
So ...

  I didn't get a call through to Laureen, but she's doing okay (minus a lot of sleep perhaps, but safe).

  I didn't keep my promise to never watch the news again.

  I haven't spoken to anyone outside of work or home in the past week (with the possible exception of Kuzma).

  I have a very nice pen that finally got here ... but it doesn't help any.

I'm tired.

        I'm not going to write about all the stuff you expect me to right now, because I can't. I listened to the news for almost 14 straight hours and my brain is still numb from the whole ordeal. I can't think about it anymore. I thought too much about it all at once and burnt out the bit of my head that is supposed to deal with "absolute god-damn nightmares", to quote Mr. Brahe. So, yeah .. no speeches today, or probably ever.

        I'll talk about my pen now. The pretty one that isn't really going to make me feel better, but I like to think it will. It's this matte silver fountain pen that I found and managed to fall in love with. It came this weekend and I promptly filled it from my little bottle of sepia. It writes very well too. It makes me want to keep a journal in real-life ... and perhaps I will. It also makes me want to ink the pencil drawings I've done recently and I think I will most certainly do that.

| Sorry, no titles for you. | (Tuesday September 11th, 2001 | 11:39) |
I hate the news.

        Most of the major sites are down or so slow they might as well be. Slashdot is up and people have been submiting articles as text, which is nice.

        There is working live audio feed here and the BBC site seems to be loading well enough.

        I need to call Laureen.

| "Der's Vodka in Da Yar. Hey!" | (Sunday September 09th, 2001 | 22:54) |
So ... the Flash Girls CD release party was last night ... there was a distinct lack of said Flash Girls however.

        Apparently Emma Bull fractured her elbow at RenFest earlier that afternoon and as a result did not feel like playing. Lorraine called her on a cell phone on stage though and she seemed to be doing fine enjoying both the morphine drip and the 'pretty colors' on her TV.

        Lojo, Robin Anders(with matching pink drums), some other guy from Funk's Groove, and yet another guy who apparently used to be in Boiled in Lead, performed instead. It was really good. I'm not sure if I liked Lojo singing 'The Jabberwocky' or the Czarist Russian version of 'Whisky in the Jar' more ... but yeah, very amusing.

        And as usual I spent too much money there (Dreamhaven) and now own the first two sandman books in hardcover. This is particularly (un)fortunate because I will now be forced to buy the other 8 books. Yeah, yeah, woe is me.

        I did manage to get Lojo to sign my Gallow Glass CD that I randomly had in my bag, and she informed me that there will be yet another Gallow Glass farewell concert at Kierans on the 7th of October <woot!>. It's been so long since I saw them last ... like 10th grade. It'll be interesting, but more likely than not, quite good.

        I'm debating whether or not I should call Matt and tell him about it. I'm not sure he'd even be interested, but he might. I'm also not sure I'd be interested in him, Mr.Michael, and all the other people they entail showing up. Perhaps I'll just post it somewhere public and presume that if he's interested he'll find it his own goddamn self.

        Well I'm about done I think. For all of you who read this (yes both of you) and have any desire to show up to the Gallow Glass thing, please do. It'd be nice to have a good group of people there and maybe reserve a table or something. I'll probably make more noise about it later ... G'night.

| "Where once the waters of your face spun to my screws, your dry ghost blows ... " | (Wednesday September 5th, 2001 | 15:45) |
This isn't really a post. It's more like an excuse to make archives. Oh well.

        So Mr. Charles Kobbe was supposed to show up for 'On the Waterfront' yesterday, but rather poorly-timed tire issues prevented him from coming. He says he'll show up next week though and that will be all good. I have to arrange to watch Kenshin with him sometime as well. I love the OAVs so much and have never managed to watch more than the first few episodes of the actual series ... kind of testament to my attention span.

        Chuck's sudden resurrection seems to be largely due to the fact that he has a car and the legal right to drive it which is still a strange and new concept to me. Chuck? Driving? ... I just don't know ... I can picture him being the most high-strung twitchey driver ever, maybe it's just my imagination though.