| "You should never be in company that you wouldn't want to die with." -Duncan Idaho | (Saturday October 27th, 2001 | 19:16) |
So I've been reading myself stupid for the past month.

        I started Heretics last night and I'll probably need to go and buy Chapterhouse before the week is over. I'm not sure if it's me, or if all epic Sci-Fi is astoundingly depressing. Particularly God Emperor of Dune and the Silmarillion. I feel the need to listen to The Cure, and Berserk's 'Forces', and watch Remains of the Day again, and all other manner of moping-ish things.

        I've also been getting my anime fix over at Chuck's, which is all good. We even watched Ravenous, which was much too funny to be a suspense movie, but it was very good none the less.

        Then there's the issue of Halloween. I have absolutely no concept of what I want to do, if/what I want to dress up as, who I would like to see, etc... and I have about three days to decide. So far Thaadd is the only one throwing a party, and that wouldn't be too bad except ... I don't know ... except I'm being indecisive. Blech.

        In only slightly more decisive news, I found a place that sells all of the Berserk Manga for a reasonable price, and will also provide printed English translations. <jumps up and down doing the i-get-more-ways-to-waste-my-time dance> I have decided to blatantly ignore Dave's warnings and I'll probably order the books sometime next month.

| Too much anime ... making me ... weak | (Monday October 15th, 2001 | 13:37) |
So much Kenshin do I watch. Yeah ...

        Went over to Chuck's Saturday around 4:00 with the intention of watching more of the Kenshin DVDs. 12 Hours and many episodes later I finished the last one (#41). The irritating bit? it's in the middle of the second season and in no way concludes the story arc. Grumble ...

        Now I get to wait like all the other suckers for them to release the rest of the episodes in the US.

        But yeah, good Kenshin, good story, and fight scenes that are simply incredible. Though I'm not sure if it was more amusing watching the anime or arguing with Chuck over who would win in a fight, Sanouske or Gatts. I'm still voting for Gatts.

        Hmmm ... I've got all these little sections laying around this site and I'm being a big lame about stuffing content into them. I have vauge intentions of starting with the anime and poetry sections (i.e. the ones that will take the smallest ammount of effort), but I never seem to get around to it. Merph ... I think I'll try and make myself do it tonight since I have nothing better to do and no anime left to watch.

| "Which look up at the uncaring sky and burn in defiance as they fall, Wasted indeed ..." | (Tuesday October 9th, 2001 | 15:41) |
        I feel frazzled. But the damn thing works. The pop-up script that is. I've been working on it for about 3 hours now only to find out that I've spent most of that time writing it the entirely wrong way. Ah well, it's not there's anything else to do around here.

        Enough about my boring job, GallowGlass was this Sunday and dear sweet god was it good. I laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt by the end of the night. It makes me sad though, that I probably won't see them for another two years ... moh.

        I've also managed to be my usual weak-willed self and have begun reading through the old Dune books again. I've forgotten half of what happens so it's not quite as pitiful as it seems. I also harbor this faint hope that by the time I'm done with the series Brian Herbert will get off his lazy ass and write Dune 7 (no I don't really think he's lazy but damnit! I want the last book.)

| I will not fear ... | (Wednesday October 3rd, 2001 | 12:37) |
Hmmm ... stuff.

        Went to see White Oak Dance Project the other night and damn was it good. Even if it was a little on the very-odd-modern-art side of things it was wonderful (and it had harpsichord music which adds lots of points in my book). At least I doubt I'll ever think of metal folding chairs as quite so boring anymore.

        Also finished House Corrino (thanks again Miss. Laura). It had all the Piter de Vries and Hasimir Fenring that anybody could want. Which will make me love it dearly and ignore the fact that it wasn't quite as good as reading the original Dune books.

        Chucko was super nice and picked me up to watch Kenshin on Sunday and we got through about 2-3 DVDs. The series seems to be much more happy-bubbly than the OAVs, but it has it's moments. I'll have to bother him again some time and finish watching it all.

        I have this feeling that nobody's going to organize a bonfire this year, which would be very sad. I also keep thinking to myself that I could just try to organize the damn thing ... but then I recall the other event's I've tried to plan, and the distinct lack of people at all of them ... grumble.