| "Living, breathing, talking lovers leave me bored" -Banshee: The Flash Girls | (Wednesday June 05th, 2002 | 20:19) |
So I'm here.

      It's been a decent trip so far. The children are, more or less, well behaved for being 8 and 10. My Godfather tells amusing stories. The air-conditioning is exquisite, even if the weather isn't, and, most importantly, I get to read whatever I want. Not that I was really restricted before, but having the time to spare makes it that much nicer.

      I've managed so far to get trough another Bradbury collection, a few more Lovecraft stories from the 'Call of Cthulu' book, the entire Nightrunner series by Flewelling, and half of Shogun. The first two were typical, and wonderful. Shogun is 'good' so far ... I guess, and I'd more than likely recommend it, but it's ... er, weird. The Nightrunner books, however, were excellent, and kept reminding me of the Vlad Taltos books, despite how truly ridiculous the idea of them being similar is. Ah, well ... one more author I need to read religiously won't hurt any, neh?

      And then this little bit from Laura's Journal:

            "EV ran off to Florida, not that I'd seen her much recently anyway, but
            it makes my intentions that much more difficult to follow though on. "

      It was amusing at first, but it's somehow a little scary now. I don't know why, but imagining Laura with nefarious plots is all too easy a task. Of course I will now come back to her telling me I'm crazy, reading far too much into things, and obviously spying on her since I read her Journal.