| "Cold hopes swarm like worms within our living clay." -Percy Bysshe Shelley | (Thursday July 25th, 2002 | 00:44) |
And so I return.

      From Florida, and from my long bout of laziness. As Chook so eloquently put it "E.V. doesn't update her web-hole anymore" ... Though, come to think of it, I don't think Mr. Charles has updated his own web-hole in over a year.

      The most important and noticeable thing is that I now work at Dreamhaven. Yes, I followed Laura to yet another job. The discount is delicious and wonderful, even it makes me spend my whole paycheck there (Curse the day I found the Arkham House Press books). However the cuts all over my left hand from the packing knives leave something to be desired. It's good though ... work without impending doom can be remarkably refreshing.

      The great Berserk Manga swap goes well as I have pulled yet another victim in (Dave Shiroma). He however has the power to translate the missing volumes if he feels so inclined ... which would make me do a happy-dance to end all happy-dances. <Yeeeee!> =D

      Speaking of stupid addictions. Excel Saga is really good and makes me laugh until my sides hurt. I must beat up Skippy and steal it all from him. Anime Music Videos also fall in the stupid but fascinating category. I grabbed a whole bunch while I was at SavvyNet earlier and I feel compelled to scour the internet for more. Really there's something terribly amusing about Berserk clipped up and set to Rancid.

      Mr. M Doughty made the Minneapolis concert he did into a CD. Laura brought it into work. I listened to it incessantly in the hopes that it would make the 'Madeline at Nine' song of his go away. Because the Doughty singing in my head keeps replacing Madeline with Coraline and it will drive me mad.
It has failed.