| Who likes titles anyways ... | (Monday October 14th, 2002 | 22:37) |
Sometimes the weather is lovely

      Even if the trees are somewhat sluggish color-wise this year, the weather is most excellent.

      Through various amusing tests that people left up on Jason's laptop, I have discovered that:

  I am the Industrial Revolution
  I taste like Tea
  I am not a Hippie
  I am Cowboy Bebop Session 26
  I will die on May 19, 2026 at the age of 44 years old.
      Most likely from:
        Cancer (23%)
        Electrolysis (12%)
        Alcoholism (9%)
        Alien Abduction (9%)
        Heart Attack (5%)
        Homicide (5%)

      I seem to keep forgetting that I'm leaving for San Francisco on Thursday. It is exceedingly odd ... but should be lots of fun.

| "Look at the moon. How strange the moon seems! She is like a woman rising from a tomb. She is like a dead woman. One might fancy she was looking for dead things." - Oscar Wilde : Salome | (Thursday October 10th, 2002 | 00:37) |
So much music do I have.

      I raided Al's music horde and now have a lovely assortment of techno, very old "singing in a a tin can" sounding goth music, industrial, all the VNV Nation my Archos would hold, and a few other less classifiable things. It is glorious (if slightly time consuming).

      My hair is, again, dyed funny colors, and while I don't like talking at length about stupid cosmetic changes to my appearance ... having black hair again is excessively entertaining.

      I also managed to find the most beautiful art last night in a sleep-deprived haze. It was on this little Japanese site called downward, or spiral, or downwise-circle-thing ... I don't really remember (nor can I find it again =/ ). But I was awake enough to save some of the pictures, here is my favorite, and here is another that is also quite good. Not for everyone, but certainly the best I've randomly come across on the internet.