| " ... When down her weedy trophies and herself fell in the weeping brook." | (Wednesday July 18th, 2001 | 16:47) |
        I really shouldn't be amazed anymore at what you can buy online ... but sometimes I am. I'm mostly speaking of things that are impossible/illegal to get in the US that can be bought online as long as they're possible/legal somewhere in the world. It's madness ... But useful madness.

        It's also funny what you can find poking around in the indexes of some people's sites. Like so ...

This is the page which does not matter. It is not here for you, it is not here for me. It is almost not here at all.

    Friday, Nov 3. 2:18 AM
        "You who pass silently by where this body rests
        Listen to what I say, for I tell you,
        Such as you are, I once was, you will be what I am.
        I did not think of death much while I had life.
        On earth I had great wealth, from which I made great nobleness,
        Land, houses, and great treasure, clothes, horses, silver and gold.
        But now I am poor and lowly, laid deep in the earth,
        My great beauty is all gone, my flesh is all dissolved.
        My house is very narrow, and I have nothing but the truth."

            -Epitaph Edward of the Dark Prince, translated from the French.

I doubt he'll mind since it really was just left up on the site to be found, and it's only a quote ... but still.

        Miss Laura seems to be winning her war. I'm not quite sure who she's fighting against or precisely why she's winning but winning she is. Perhaps I should get her a victory banner of some sort. I imagine she'd appreciate it, or hit me for it ... definitely one of the two.

        Hmmm ... I appear to be rambling on rather badly, so I will leave you and go find myself a bus home.

| Dear God My Back Hurts | (Monday July 16th, 2001 | 14:29) |
        It does, it really does.

        I somehow decided that taping, priming, and painting walls was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon/evening. And it was ... until this morning. Ugh.
        I should quit complaining about it though. The weekend was very nice overall. I got to watch a little bit of Berserk on Sunday after Dave got his stupid monkey program to display the video input to his monitor and not crash his computer. We didn't get quite as far as I hoped we would though. I think Laura ended on episode 8 and it'd be nice to have everyone at roughly the same point if we end up watching it in a larger group.
        After the anime I followed Gut over to Raj's house where he lives and helped him work on the upstairs rooms. It was pretty fun. I haven't done remodeling type things since House was bought and it was good for me to be at least a little active.
        The house has the best roof ever for sitting. It's flat and easy to get to from the windows. The weather got breezy and cool later on in the day and I went and sat out there for awhile. There's nothing quite like a nice high place to sit when it's windy and there are good clouds. It made me miss the little window box in the courtyard at Henry.
        Anywho, Al showed up at around 10pm and we all went over to The Village Wok despite Al's previous bad experiences there. I sat around talking and suffering through Al and Gut's terrible puns 'till 1am or so and then decided that home would be a nice place to go.
        And that's about it. I'm going to go and try to make my poor little ePerl script do what I want it to, or try to ignore my back, or perhaps do both at the same time.

| Disappearing at Right Angles to Everything | (Tuesday July 10th, 2001 | 16:29) |
        Back from CONvergence which is as good a time as any to start this thing. Con was good, a little hectic but overall very enjoyable. I go to meet Gypsy when he wasn't falling out of bed half asleep, which improved my opinion of him greatly. His girl (Sarah) was very fun too. She has some of the nicest tattoos I've ever seen, and considering it's her profession I just might have to go to her when I figure out what the hell I want drawn on my feet. There were also a ton of other people I ran into there, but they all tend to blend together in my memory now. I'll try though:
        Lonewolf was around briefly and gave me a very nice backrub, I caught a glimpse of Danarchy in a doorway and said hi, Talked to Al and Skippy for awhile when they were badging, Saw Doug Shaw but missed him at the Masquerade, met Omaha for the first time and was a little embarrassed when I found out that he was actually a he (I'd been assuming Omaha was a girl for some unknown reason), and multitudes of other people that I can't quite recall.
        Aside from running into too many people I played Sub-Head at consuite with Thaadd, Miss Laura and Gut. It was really lots of fun (largely due to the fact that we got first dibs on all the food).
        I'm contemplating going back next year. My only reason not to is that I might be going to Minicon (if I'm convinced enough that it won't suck) and I doubt I want to go to two cons in as many months. I've got 'till October to decide, I'm sure I'll figure it out by then.

Damn, that was much longer than I expected it to be.

        On other fronts I finished American Gods last night and can confidently say that it was a very, very good book. Go buy it now. The new Flash Girls CD is also good (I bought it with the book in case you're wondering where that leap came from). I'd only heard of them through a link of the Dream Cafe page before, but The Fabulous Lorraine is indeed fabulous and funny in real life, and her music is good too. She was also nice enough to sign my CDs proclaiming that 'people other than Neil could sign things too'.

And now I think I'm done ... adieu.