'Could you put a name to someone else's sigh? Could you put a face to someone else's eyes? Is it someone that you'd maybe recognize?' (Wednesday, January 17, 2001 9:04pm)
This isn't news ... it's more of an-amazingly-news-like-substance that is somehow less filling and much less pleasant to eat ... a lot like Easy-Cheese actually. I'm bored, and sitting around House, and listening to 'f-train' on infinite repeat. Did I ever mention that songs that blend into themselves are wonderful sometimes. I miss Laureen, she's all gone in Prague now. I should write her something that she'll actually receive this time. Everyone else should write 'reeny too, she deserves the attention. Hopefully people downstairs will go away sometime so I can play more F.F.Tactics and eat cheese. Maybe I'll just make some tea, and read more Dune, and yell at people later.

'Thank you Lord Almighty up above ... for sending out the F-Train to me.' (Monday, January 15, 2001 5:04pm)
I don't have much news today, life's been pretty boring and irritating lately. I do however have a lot of spiffy things for you to look at. First, my most recent obsession is the page of one Mr. Broken Worm. Even if you're not into the whole angsty-goth thing it's still pretty interesting. Second is ... well now that's odd. I swore to god that I had a lot more stuff to talk about but apparently I don't. So I'll just pull some random things out of my ass. You can go look at Miss. Thaadd's page. It's cute and so is she. And of course the all-knowing omniscient Jenwa.

Note: for any Anne Rice fans who read this I highly recommend her new book, Merrick, which came out a little before X-mas. It's really good and actually starts to progress the plot again.

'... the shades of children go who, from their voids, cry to the dolphined sea.' (Tuesday, November 07, 2000 12:04am)
So, I'm at work and amazingly bored. There are only three people here today. I'm currently blaming it on the weather, which is really nasty right now. So, as evil as flash can be I found a really cool site that Scott Thigpen of Demise linked to called Rusted Faith. It's pretty and gothy and all other manner of good things. Other than that I've been having fun with weird fonts and reading The Plague by Camus. Normally I wouldn’t be caught dead near anything French but it's a really good book so far and I recommend that if you have the time you read it.

'... to tug at the seas and illuminate the earth.' (Wednesday, October 25, 2000 10:42pm)
This is becoming a much less frequently updated news section than I originally planned, but that's not to big of a suprise. I'm still dooin' the work thing, and it's pretty entertaining. I wanted to mention that poor Soup is feelin' unloved so everyone (you know the whole three people that read this) should make sure to visit him over at Lethal Doses and be sure to write him letters while you're at it.

'... and she closed herself up like a fan.' (Monday, October 2, 2000 9:02pm)
Hmm ... so I've been somewhat neglegant in updating, but it's not like anyone reads this terribly often anyways. And just what have I been dooing? working at SavvyNet mostly and getting my stuff together to move it over to house where I will soon be living in the Hole (the amazingly closet like room, for those of you who're wondering).

'Tristeza, escarabajo de siete patas rotas ...' (Tuesday, September 19, 2000 2:02pm)
Yes, yes I know the page was down for a long time. It's 'cuz Lem was changing and moving around LD and my site got moved around a little in the shuffle, but it's back now and shouldn't be going down any time soon. As far as new stuff there are a few Shel Silverstein illustrations up but not much else.

'Did She Guard Her Yoko Human Heart?' (Tuesday, September 12, 2000 12:03am)
Okay, so most of the rest of the poetry stuff is up except for the stuff that's really long ( I'm going to try scanning in the longer stuff ... even though I've heard horror stories about trying to scan things in as text documents ... Oh well, I'll try ). Anywho ... I'm pretty pleased to be designing the new web page for SWE. I'll link to it when it's all good and finished and pretty. Oh, I almost forgot, there is some tasty Borges stuff up now too on the pose page.

'There shall be corals in your beds, There shall be serpents in your tides, Till all our sea-faiths die.' (Sunday, September 3, 2000 1:37am)
There are cute little moon icons on most of the pages now. I'm rather proud of them so you'd better apreciate them or I'll ... do something ... Yeah! Anyways, the Dylan Thomas and Blake sections on the poetry page now have poems in them as well. You should go read them, the Dylan Thomas is especially good and the Blake is, well ... classic. Also, in case anyone wanted to know, the rainstorm tonight was badass!

Monkey Monkey Monkey! (Saturday, September 2, 2000 1:43am)
Well instead of adding content to the poetry and prose pages I put more pictures up ... they're really neat pictures though ... I promise. They're mostly normal moon pictures but there are a few really good ones of the lunar eclipse that happened last year.

'And out upon the wharfs they came, Knight and Berger, Lord and Dame, and 'round the prow they read her name ... The Lady of Shalott.' (Friday, September 1, 2000 12:07am)
Pictures are fixed, though not resized. I found that simply making another page for them seemed to look better. The Misc. link off the poetry page works as well and there is a very good Peter Pan poem up there now.

'We Learned the Sea' (Thusday, August 31, 2000 3:56pm)
Well I've added most of the links and pictures that I think I want on the page. I'll have to shrink some of the larger pictures in the Friends section though. They mess with the whole 'wallet sized picture' mojo. I've also been listening to the new Dar CD and I highly recomend that (if you're a fan of folkish type music) you listen to it sometime, it's quite good.

Woohoo! (Thusday, August 31, 2000 2:12am)
Just finished with most of the main structure of the page. I hope to put the rest up tomorow and saturday.