| "For bonny sweet robin is all my joy." | (Saturday February 01st, 2003 | 00:15) |
I get snow ^_^

      Even if they say it'll melt by Monday, it's still wonderful. It's also sort of an amusing position to be the one that begs to go out and shovel the walk at work.

      So many pretty things lately. Mostly shoes and dreams really...

      The dream was odd and involved a very video game plot of having to gather all these crystal-rod-carbon thingies to resurrect a planet where this extinct race of people had lived. And there was this big weird mirror on a stick that had all their souls in it, and it told me how to find the rod-things. At some point I found them all and got to watch the 'building the planet' cinematic, but then it was only the ghosts walking around the planet and remembering where they used to live. Really quite nice for it being a dream, and not a video game.

      The shoes are an entirely different matter. They're lovely, and tall, and have buckles. But most importantly, the nice Mr. Shoe-Man ordered them in a UK size 4 for me, so they will actually fit! Now if only it would always stay winter, I could wear my nice long coat, and boots, and gloves all the time ... it is unfortunate that I will be forced to move above the arctic circle to have the kind of wardrobe I want.