| Parties, and Xmas, and Pistachios ... <ahem> 'Oh my' | (Friday December 28th, 2001 | 13:06) |
Oh god.

      Just when I forget about the terrible thing's I've done I have to go read Laura's page and be reminded of them. They're not all that terrible I s'pose, just not particularly nice.

      I went to the holiday party thing at Mr.Misty & Amy's place (actually just Amy's place I think, but it is in my head as belonging to both of then, and thus it shall stay). Being a good party guest I brought treats to share and for a few hours it was a really nice party. Gut made rambling phone calls, Joe stopped by, Thaadd fed me good food, Rogers called me a geek, and so on. The terrible bit was me continually feeding poor Gutman more to drink. I'd attribute it to my own lack of sobriety, but that's only half true. At some point he decided standing was not an option any more, and I spent the rest of the party with a bleary Gut in my lap, on the kitchen floor. If that wasn't bad enough, I got chided the next morning for it too. "Never, ever, ever again!". The absinthe apparently gave him rather disturbing dreams. Oh well ... it's not like he didn't hate me beforehand.

      I think I'm obliged to say something about christmas. Mine was astoundingly normal, and generally very nice (unlike Dave's which was spent in the 10th circle of Hell ... also known as Wisconsin). I got the Webster's unabridged dictionary, which is almost as big as me, and makes me much happier than I think a reference book ever should. Jack knitted me a scarf, which is super nice and warm ... and somehow a very appropriate present from him. But yeah, all in all christmas was nice this year.

      Pistachios? you say. And where do they come in? I got a bag of organic pistachios as a stocking stuffer and on Wednesday night decided to eat them. I got through half the bag or so when my mouth started to itch and I started sneezing. No big deal, I put the rest of them away, brushed my teeth and figured it was like every other mild food allergy I have (i.e. it'll go away in a few hours). Oh no, not this one. My face and hands turned bright red, my fingers swelled up until they looked like sausages, and I started to get this funny wheezy sound when I breathed ... yeah, super not fun. The sad part is they were really good pistachios and I found myself staring at the bag last night desperately trying to remind myself how unpleasant eating them the first time was. Perhaps I'll just throw the rest of them away when I get home and remove the temptation all together.

| Hail to the King | (Thursday December 20th, 2001 | 11:43) |
I know this is a lot of updates but I have to put this one up even if it's only for the Chad/Ep quote.

      So, I went to the midnight showing of LotR on Tuesday, because seeing it a week early obviously wasn't enough (and it really wasn't). I sat through all 3 hours of it again wondering how on earth I missed half the dialogue the first time. If anything, it was better the second time around (excepting the irritating super geeks sitting two rows back). But anyways, after the movie was over, and the group began to converge again, there was a rather cute exchange between Chad and EP that went something like this:

      Chad: ... gripe gripe gripe ... Bucklebury Ferry <whoosh> Bree ... gripe gripe
      gripe ... no Glorfindel ... gripe ... stupid Arwen ... gripe gripe gripe ... no lembas

      EP: See Chad, these people here [the ones seeing the movie at midnight
      opening day]
they're all geeks, and you bitching about the inconsistencies
      3 minutes after the credits ... you're the king of the geeks.

      Not that I'm harping on Chad or anything. If anyone on earth is qualified to bitch about/be disappointed with the technical issues of the movie, it's him. And he was happy with the Balrog, so yeah ... it's all good.

| "And I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away. I don't know where my soul is. I don't know where my home is" | (Monday December 17th, 2001 | 13:45) |
All good things.

      I an amazing demonstration of just how little will I have I went to the LotR pre-showing and damn ... there just isn't anything bad about that movie. Now all the die hard fans and nit picking super geeks can call me naive, easily pleased, and stupid all they want, but I really liked it. Really a lot. Lets just say there aren't many movies that get a standing ovation when the credits roll.

      I also got to see the 9th last night thanks to Miss.Laura and her mother's giant bag of tickets. Mr.Matthew & Mr.Worm came along and it was generally a very good concert. The only exception being the conductor who was a little twitchy frenchman ... he got a little to jumpy and at times it was hard not to laugh.

      Miss Laureen will be back soon  ^_^   This Friday if I remember correctly. And Nada too, though I don't know if I'll get to see her.

      My ever vigilant war against the internet seems to be getting better too. I've discovered the secret: Gang up on it. The more people you have helping you beat the internet senseless the more likely it is that you'll actually get what you want from it. Like the new Kenshin OAV, fansubbed and on my harddrive less than a week after it came out in Japan. Ah, blessed are random forum people and streamload =)

| "Could we please be objective, 'cuz the other boys are queuing up behind us ... a hand over my mouth ... a hand over the window." | (Tuesday December 11th, 2001 | 13:22) |
I like old friends.

      Especially the kind that feed you soup and let you hide from mobs of unruly children for two days. Also the kind that drink coffee (or steamers and cocoa) with you for 2 hours.

      Hiding at Gut's this weekend was lots of fun. The housemates are very nice and Jill is super funny. Gut was his usual surreal self. Which is all good because I probably would have been disappointed if he hadn't been. I feel like kind of a bum for just camping out there for so long, but Mr.Gutman insisted that it was fine ... not that I could imagine him saying anything else, even if it wasn't fine ... meph.

      I also like more pretty things to read. Like Clover and Kenshin. Mmmm ... you can almost taste the doom.

      I, however, distinctly don't like the fact that Charlie is broken. He had pneumonia, and then a collapsed lung, and last I heard he was in the hospital having holes poked in his chest to re-inflate it. I need to call Miss. Laura and get an update. Then I need to go over and bring him the berserk DVDs he asked me for so very long ago. Perhaps I'll bring him the first few books of the manga too. Moh ... poor Chook.

| "My dream, I won't betray ... that is all. " | (Wednesday December 05th, 2001 | 14:54) |
This is definitely going to be one of those weeks.

      You know, the ones where I really do have better things to be doing at work than blathering on here about crap nobody reads, but I'll blather anyways, 'cuz I want to ... and because I hate marketing, business, and all such related things with all my black little heart. Blech.

      In the much more pleasant side of my life, I have a good chunk of Weiß Kreuz now. Mmmm ... angsty, gothy, bishounen! Dave also found me another CD full of Inu Yasha but I think I'm going to have to wait awhile for more seeing as it's still being released in Japan. Which is just fine since I highly doubt I'll run out of stuff to watch/read/etc while waiting for it.

      The Weiß Kreuz looks particularly good though. I'm probably going to end up neglecting Inu Yasha to watch it, or perhaps just neglecting my winamp skins.

... Exceedingly pointles rant alert ... ...

      So, I've been trying to come up with reasons for why I like what I do and why I like it so god damn much. And on the other hand why I haven't the slightest idea what I want sometimes. None of them have been very good so far. I seem to know very distinctly what I like in say ... food, or art, or company (i.e. very concrete ideas of what I find beautiful and therefore good). But what I want to be when I grow up? what I find fulfilling in life? what I want to do tomorrow? ... no clue.

      I basically have no ambition and only very minimal will. Which is amusing since I find those two traits so appealing in other people. But as for why, I'm not terribly sure. It doesn't seem to be a social thing (like having a complex about appearance, or feeling worthless without physical possessions, etc ...) The kind of weak willed people that society produces are the ones that follow leaders, and obey like good little sheep. Whereas if I don't want to expend the effort to follow my own occasional whims I'm certainly not going to prance around to someone else's.

      Which brings me to my only real theory ... it might just be extreme mental laziness. It's only a half-assed explanation, but it seems to work.

      Meph, I'm gonna stop beore I fall asleap and hit my head on the keyboard. I think I'll wander home early today and catch up on some of that sleep that I seem to miss so dearly now.

| Sleep is for the weak ... there is no rest for the wicked ... I'm tired | (Monday December 03rd, 2001 | 11:33) |
So I have this terrible relationship with the internet. It taunts me to no end.

      First it tells me an entire genre of manga (shounen-ai) exists that I will probably love to death, and then (after asking around a bit) I find that only the terrible stuff has been released in English. I'm doomed ... doomed to learn Japanese, doomed to read translations for the rest of my life, or doomed to read terrible manga. I guess it's always good to be able to choose your damnation.

      In related events, I no longer sleep. I went to bed (read went upstairs to finish Chapterhouse) last night at 4:00ish ... I wake up at 7:00. I haven't gone to sleep before 2:00 this past week. Between finishing the last Dune book, making another god damn winamp skin, pulling random peoples stuff out of my room, and of course reading Berserk I'm going to end up like Chuck in no time. Buh Weekey Mookey ... (0.o) .o0(Ooook!)

      I shouldn't complain though. It's kind of nice to have enough enjoyable things to do such that they eat into my sleep-time. In the future I'll just have to learn not to find them all at once.